Destination Unknown

Have you ever wondered why things change so fast? Like you're watching the sunset and in an instant it becomes night time, or when you are giving birth and then you have a baby? I mean, I wouldn't really know since I've never been pregnant, but hopefully you understand. As a kid you believe you've got all your future mapped out; how many kids you want to have, the firefighter/dog whisperer/super hero job every child wants to achieve, the prince charming you want to marry (and by prince Charming I really mean one of those princes you've been watching on disney films forever). Then, reality hits like a bullet through your brain. You already have 18 years, you no longer live with your parents, and you no longer know what the hell to do next. Yup, that's me everyone. I don't know what to expect from the future anymore, and I sure as f*ck don't know what my next step will be. 

One thing is for sure: I'm back. 
Mexicans in New York? Dammit, that's so not unheard of. 

Kisses from
the Girl With the Messy Hair