I have two older sisters and somehow, I ended up being the most romantic of us all. You see, I've always been completely attracted to the idea of loving someone so hard you are willing to give everything up. Too harsh, I know. It takes me as little as a week to fall in love or to feel strongly attracted to someone and for this I blame the dozens of YA books I've read. Lemme tell you the most recent story. I met this cute french guy whom I wanted to punch the living daylights out of at first (way to go, Estefania). The most embarrassing thing? I literally went nuts for him in just a couple of weeks, and of course, he then went back to motherland France. A few months later here I am wondering what the heck is wrong with me. I love so hard that when the feeling is not mutual it literally causes physical pain, an emptiness deep within the chest that deprives me of sleep. I ain't complaining, though. It's amazing to love someone, and not just someone, everything. To feel passionate about something, to love the way you feel towards a moment, an emotion, an action. That, is being alive. 

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